Everywhere You Look…There’s a Full House Reunion

John “Uncle Jesse” Stamos has been doing ads for Dannon’s Oikos Greek yogurt for some time now. The concept is simple – in a perfect world, everyone would look like John Stamos and every yogurt would taste like Dannon Oikos.

But since no one in the cast can escape “Full House” television fame, Dannon couldn’t resist staging a mini-reunion of the male grown-ups, also played by Dave Coulier and Bob Saget (Joey and Danny, respectively), for a Super Bowl Halftime ad. A teaser is already available for your “have mercys.”

Based on this ad, a perfect world also means that these three men have entered middle-age all still living in the same house. Footie pajamas by Joey are a nice touch.

I’d like to hypothesize what else a perfect “Full House” world today could mean:

D.J finally grew out her mall bangs.

DJImage source Gurl.com

Comet the dog is still alive.

2Image source Wikia.com

Aunt Becky remains a MILF (guess that one IS true).

3Image source FanPop.com

And Danny and Joey found more reasons to dress in drag.

sdfsImage source FullHouseReview.com

While that perfect “Full House” world may not exist, at least we all have the Super Bowl commercial!

Posted by Michelle

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