“Welcome, You’ve Got Mail”

Image source People.com

You’ve Got Mail – a fan favorite rom-com celebrating New York in the fall, tenacious small businesses, and AOL chat room romance – recently turned 15 years old! In celebration of the big 1-5, People.com decided to take a look at how the movie’s premise of early online dating and NYC living would change if the script was transported to 2013.

The “over 30” chat room would be replaced with Tinder, Grouper, OkCupid, sexting, and every other digital form of communication as a means to delay actually speaking face to face… (God forbid!). Shop Around the Corner and FOX Books would be replaced by Kindles and other e-readers. Instead of playing Solitaire on their gigantic laptops, it would be Candy Crush on their iPhones. And rather than pen an article to the New York Times about her disgust at watching the FOX Books take-over monstrosity, Meg Ryan could just turn to Yelp and give it 1 lonely star with some harshly written choice words.

Check it out here for more, and when you feel overwhelmed by our 2013 digital age, watch the You’ve Got Mail trailer for some sweet, simple ‘90s love.

Posted by Amanda


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