A House of Goodness

What do you get when you put Jesus, Ghandi, and Mother Teresa all in one space? The answer is a “house of goodness”. This is the concept that UNICEF created for their recent ad campaign, and it is pure comedic genius.

One of my favorites in this brilliant collection of commercials takes place at a dinner party where the guests are Jesus, Ghandi, Mother Teresa and “a new guy”…

Then there’s part two, where Jesus opens by reading his life story (The Bible) and “The new guy” shares a hilarious rendition of his own life story.

I can’t help but giggle when Jesus subtly changes water into wine or when the new guy mocks the length of the bible. The fact that UNICEF is saying that this all too relatable guy who partied hard during his semester abroad and suffers from the middle child syndrome can sit at the same table as Jesus is absolutely hilarious.

And last, but not least, Jesus learns a thing or two about the mysterious Internet…

After you get up off the floor from falling out of your chair in laughter, make sure to check out the good that UNICEF is doing for the world because “Doing Good Has Never Been Easier.”

Posted by Christina

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