The Power of the Subtweet

After being home for Thanksgiving, I was chatting with one of my friends who is apparently very invested in reading my tweets. I told her about a recent love interest mishap to which she replied, “ohh girl, is he the one you’ve been subtweeting about?” To which I replied, “uh, maybe? What’s a subtweet?”

Apparently, subtweet is another word to come into modern tech-based speech patterns, like selfie, or unfriending (on Facebook, that is). It is the act of tweeting very surreptitiously about a certain person without mentioning a name or any identifying characteristics. Urban Dictionary defines it here:


Image source

Usually it’s done in hopes that the intended person will read it and he or she will know how you really feel. I’m not going to mention any of mine here because you know… reasons, but I am guilty. I can’t help that I have a lot of feelings and somehow think no one takes my tweets seriously! The best is when people actually go as far to say #subtweet, as if it wasn’t obvious enough already. Here are some of my favorites:





Images source

However you choose to express yourself, just remember there is always someone out there, reading your tweets, and wondering who they’re about.

notImage source The Daily Edge

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