Halloween Is the Worst

The absolute worst. It is by far my least favorite holiday.

Image source cheezburger.com

Any holiday that requires more planning than actual partying is stupid. New Years, I’m looking at you. First you have to think of a costume, then you have to buy a costume, then you have to figure out where you’re going – it’s pretty exhausting.

asdImage source Bigger Than Beyonce

Guys have it so much worse than girls. I can’t just throw on a little black dress, stick a tail to my butt and call myself a cat (although I’d probably be pretty popular if I did). I have to actually be creative (I’m not that guy who throws on a jersey and pretends I’m TB12) or shell out $40 for a costume I’ll never wear again.

photo3Image source Linegenie.com

And, seriously limiting to your creativity — it’s too frickin cold to dress in anything showing skin. No idea how girls do that.

Image source Calorielab.com

Grownups don’t get candy. The kids get all of it.

Image source Lifehacker.com

Oh, and of course: trick or treaters are annoying little brats.

OK – I’m done now.


Posted by Ben


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