Living the Dream with The Sun City Poms

sun city
Image source Todd Antony

A few weeks ago, my mom opened my eyes with a harsh taste of reality. In the first grade, she squashed my early elementary school dreams of becoming a pom pom toting, sparkly skirt wearing cheerleader like my classmates and pushed me toward soccer and swimming lessons instead. Mind = blown.

Can’t say I’m sorry she did (I found my path in another sequin-centric sport), but I’m still fascinated by the tumbles and tricks of college-level cheer squads and can’t help but feel a little glimmer of jealousy when reciting lines from Bring it On.

Luckily for me and others in my cheer-deprived demographic, there’s hope for a cheer-filled future later in life. Read: way later in life. According to The Huffington Post, the Sun City Poms are a post-retirement cheerleading squad seeking to bring spirit and sportsmanship to their home in Sun City, Arizona, the state’s idyllic community of nearly 40,000 senior citizens living harmoniously under the desert sun.

As captured in a set of inspiring images by portrait photographer Todd Antony, the Poms not only look amazing for their ages (the eldest is pushing 85!), but feel a tremendous sense of pride and confidence in their sequined leotards and classic cheering poses.

And here I thought I wanted to live on a yacht after retirement… Sign me up, ladies! I’ll see you in 60 years.

Posted by Mary

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