Spoiler Alert: The Dog Dies

dogImage source Huffington Post

If you’re anything like me, you try to avoid any movie which casts an animal as one of the main characters. Why? Because usually that animal ends up hurt, defeated, or dead. And I just can’t handle animals dying in movies.

Regardless of my constant pleas, a friend dragged me to Marley & Me in theaters. Though I knew the gist of the plot from hearing about the book, I could not have foreseen my over-emotional reaction. As I loudly sobbed into my travel sized Kleenex, I felt judging stares from my friend and others around me. I have not been invited to another movie in theaters by that friend.

Don’t even get me started on “Bambi.”

Anyway, some like minded individual came up with a site dedicated to animal-loving moviegoers like me – Does The Dog Die?. The site lists movies with doggy face emoticons that indicate whether or not a pet dies, is injured or appears dead but ultimately lives, or no pets die, during a movie. Though the site does admittedly spoil a part of the movie, it does not reveal crucial plot points or the destiny of any human characters. Because, let’s face it, human death in movies is just not as emotional.

So, if you find yourself tearing up as your drive by roadkill, fighting back tears when your dog gets a shot at the vet, or have to escape to the bathroom every ten minutes during “My Dog Skip” and come out with bloodshot eyes and when your friends ask what’s wrong you say that your contacts are bothering you, you just may find this site useful.

Posted by Erin

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