I Think I Want to Marry You

beyonceImage source Mirror

I am not entirely sure when the elaborate wedding proposal trend got started but in the past five-ish years there seemed to be an onslaught of flash mobs, touching videos, and creativity galore when it comes to popping the question. And with the multitude of social media platforms on which to spread the joyous news, it is a supreme possibility that Ellen DeGeneres will invite you onto her show to share the story before your Nana in Montana realizes you were even planning to propose!

I love the idea of doing something big and flashy to profess your love (maybe it’s the PR event planner in me), but just knowing someone put that much thought and preparation into doing something especially for me…that’s pretty special. So in a week where I:

  • Finally purchased a plane ticket for a wedding where I am a bridesmaid
  • Had Facebook suggest I “like” a dating website page where “Skinny Girls are not allowed”
  • Saw this ridiculous story about a woman making 300 sandwiches to get her boyfriend to propose
  • Was sent this article and asked how many of the comments I have experienced recently

I am bucking the “woe is me, I hate being single, I need to find a man” train and giving props to some pretty awesome proposals that have made my black heart smile (PS: If any of you know a single, financially stable, driven, handsome, funny, smart fella – hook a sister up!)

I am not sure what Dustin thought was happening when he came across a group of friends in the lumber aisle at Home Depot, but I love a good grandparent cameo 🙂

I may have said no, just for adding to my prematurely graying hair

Quirky but personal

So the video is a little “Blair Witch” at first but seriously, A SKYSCRAPER!!

Well played Matt and Jermaine Dupri and Train…big shoes to fill future husband

Talented boyfriend, loyal friends, family galore, dancing Jews, a marching band, Skype and Bruno Mars – ‘nuff said.

Tissues anyone??


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