The Importance of Spell Check

I’m still relatively new to marlo marketing/communications, so here is something you may not know about me: I don’t have any tattoos. And while I don’t want to offend any of my lovely coworkers/clients/friends/strangers etc. reading this blog who do have them  – I am very happy that the 17 year old Laura Mooney, who wanted to cross the border and run off to New Hampshire with friends to get an Irish clover on my ankle or the Chinese word for “happiness” on my lower back, was too afraid of the pain (and my parents’ wrath) to do it. That said, in full disclosure, as soon as I left home and moved to Pennsylvania for college I got my belly button pierced, (it was in 2000 and I, like many girls on college campuses nationwide at the time, wanted a gemstone navel ring….Glad that lasted all of three years). Anyway, back to my original point – what you decide to put (or not put) on your body is your choice; but whatever you choose to do, my PSA for the day is just make sure that you pick an artist who can spell. Otherwise, you may risk looking like these people:


laura 2

laura 3

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