Vine Celebrities

I used to be the first to question those who deem themselves “social media famous.” I recently met a girl who introduced herself to me as “Twitter famous.” I immediately judged her for such a bold statement, but let it slide and replied by asking her what her handle was so I could follow her.

This incident made me ask myself: “Since when is self-proclaimed social media fame a thing?”  I’m not really sure when this trend caught on, or what qualifies as Twitter/Vine/Instagram famous, but I’m intrigued. Not sure if I’m jealous or confused by the fad, but either way social media celebrities look like they’re here to stay.

Though some think that Vine (the Twitter owned app that allows you to create and share 6 second videos) is dead, I have found my favorite social media celebs use Vine. If you have not yet discovered Vine-celebs, check out my list below of my top three favorite Vine celebrities.* Maybe soon they will get nominated for the Vine-Emmy’s or something.

*Side Note: when I say “Vine celebrities,” I mean regular people who have thousands of followers of Vine, not actual celebrities who use the app.


Specializes in #sws (selfies with strangers), a concept that makes me laugh every time and wish I came up with. I admire Princess Lauren’s confidence and bravery in her Vines.


A local Vine-celeb, Ry Doon is best known for his Jay-Z impressions, enjoying beautiful days and asking people to dance with him. Hoping someday I just run into him at Downtown Crossing.


Known for his bizarre and half-naked selfie Vines, Logan never fails to make me laugh. His humble Vine-celeb status must make him the cool kid on Ohio State University’s campus.

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