The Face of Fear

What happens when you put a camera in a haunted house to capture people’s reactions? You, my friend, have struck Internet gold. That is exactly what Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagara Falls did, and their hysterical photos are blowing up the interwebs.

I have never been a fan of haunted houses or scary movies, but if I had gone to this haunted house, I would most likely look this this:


(Cute phone case, girlfrand.)

I have been dragged to a few haunted houses in my day, and I can’t recall much of what was in them. Probably because I tend to bury my face in the neck/back of the person in front of me, utilizing what I refer to as the “train approach,” which looks something like this:


The girl below was smart. She is employing a technique that you can only really get away with in the winter months, when you can subtlety cover your eyes with a hat. (It is dark in there – no one will see you. Just be sure to also use the “train approach,” as you will temporarily lose your ability to see.)


This place must be scary, because she can’t even see and she’s still screaming!

If haunted houses are your thing, I leave you with this advice

1. Make sure you bring someone who is willing to take down whatever spirits are encountered in your cursed journey:

erin 4

2. Stretch beforehand so you can pull off one of these moves when the camera flashes:


3. Always wear your best outfit. You never know when your picture will be taken and spread all over the internet for the world to see:

erin 5

Image source Nightmares Fear Factory

Posted by Erin

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