Athletes in Their Unnatural Habitats

Remember “Dancers Among Us”? It was a book published last year by photographer Jordan Matter. He put dancers in everyday situations—in the middle of a park, a subway station, on a busy sidewalk—and photographed them, out of context, doing their dance moves.

ben 1Image source

ben 2Image source

Well, the sequel is here. It’s basically the same concept, but with athletes. Annnndd, now Jordan definitely has my attention.

ben photo 3Image source Athletes Among Us

Teddy Bear: HELP ME!!

ben 4Image source Athletes Among Us

This makes T riders look friendly!

ben 5Image source Athletes Among Us

Bro, do you even lift?

ben 6
Image source Athletes Among Us

The US Olympic Rowing Team. I remember when I did crew I hated my coxswains. They are short pipsqueaks who yell at you to pick it up while they lean back and enjoy the ride. But, one time I got yelled at by my coach because we had this cute coxswain, Julie, who I incessantly hit on. Coach really lost his shit one day when Julie said, “Stroke it 8 seat” (calling for an extra stroke from the 8 seat [me] in order to help steer the boat) and I shouted, “I’ll stroke you anytime.” Julie thought it was funny; the coach didn’t. At all. I had to run an extra mile. Julie and I had gone on a date a couple weeks before that, but we had to keep it quiet…I wonder where she is now.

ben photo 7Image source Athletes Among Us 

We’ve all been there, amirite?

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