Last week I was driving back from NYC (thanks again for the ride Nick Zappia and Liz Vilardi) and we were talking about our favorite YouTube videos. Miley Cyrus’ craziness may have been discussed, as well as the “kid president” and just how damn cute he is.

To me, the best of all time is still the epic “Charlie Bit Me.” I’m sure you all remember this video of the two British brothers, Harry and Charlie Davies-Carr (and if you’re like me, you can quote it in its entirety). What I didn’t realize (and perhaps I’ve been living under a rock) is that this :56 second clip is YouTube’s most watched viral video ever, with more than 560,000,000 views! Talk about putting money  where your mouth is!

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, and this YouTube of my favourite (UK spelling seems applicable here) young lads has resulted in pages and pages of parodies (more than 190,000 results), but also:

The auto-tune version with Kanye:

Not one, but two iPhone apps:


Here the boys are now (ages eight and six) in a fairly obnoxious 2012 Ragu ad, but fun to see the brothers again. Kids…they grow up so fast!

Posted by Laura

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