The Best Problems

My latest obsession is artist Ali Graham’s illustrations of rapper Jay-Z’s “99 problems.” Take a moment to let that concept sink in. Yes, an artist is illustrating what he thinks the famous rapper’s problems look like. And yes, it is as amazing in execution as it sounds in writing.

Graham releases a new illustration daily on his tumblr (tagline: Even world famous rappers have problems) and on the 99 Problems Twitter. Each illustration has a quote on the bottom referencing a Jay-Z song title, lyric or general daily problem. The illustrations are creative and witty – and prints are available for purchase for just $20!

Personally, I can’t wait to decorate my apartment (and all future dwellings) with these prints. Take a look at a few of my favorites and then check out Graham’s tumblr for your newest obsession. You’re welcome.

image 1Image source probs.99.tumblr

image 2Image source probs99.tumblr

image 3Image source probs99.tumblr

image 4Image source probs99.tumblr

image 5Image source probs99.tumblr

Posted by Maya

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