Your Next Breakup Just Got Easier

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It’s a predicament that we’ve all been talking about for what seems like years now: technology has effectively removed the need to make any type of social interaction. I will not hesitate to admit that there have been times I have had my eyes glued to my phone, constantly reloading my Twitter or Instagram feed, and forgotten for a moment that my significant other is sitting next to me. It’s like an addiction. We habitually turn to our phone out of boredom, and being disconnected from the world is simply not an option. In my defense, though, sometimes there is a lull in conversation and silence can be unsettling. Like, what can people possibly talk about all day?

Anyway, my point is, we rely on technology and social media to do our interacting for us. There are apps for virtually anything you want to accomplish, including a new app that takes away possibly the most awkward interaction in life: a break up. We’ve heard of breaking up over the phone, or breaking up via text, but those still required crafting your own words. BreakupText does everything for you. A few taps, and a message is sent to your significant other, virtually ending your relationship and leaving you with what will inevitably be a series of confused and/or angry replies, and possibly a violent tirade or two. See some of the messages that this app produces here.

I can only assume hope that this app was created in jest; especially since one of the reasons for breaking up is “I was eaten by a bear.” Whether or not it was, please, please don’t use this app for its intended purpose.

Posted by Erin

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