Tribal Tan Lines: Très Chic for 2014

maryImage source The Frisky

This year’s swim installment of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week revealed a few key forecasts for the future of beachwear. Clearly, blasé bikinis are so last season, body hair of any kind has been officially outlawed and slicked-back sea ‘dos are the new beach waves when it comes to seaside strands.

But above all else, this year’s catwalks revealed that sporting the latest swim trends goes hand in hand with sporting the latest trend in tan lines. Cut-outs, sleeved suits and criss-crossed straps are officially all the rage, so owning a few of these trending get-ups will not only result in a depleted bank account but also in patterned tan lines mimicking the spotted embellishments and lopsided cutouts of 2014’s it-looks.

My prediction? Tribal-esque tan lines (think: bods covered in stripes, asymmetrical shading and patterned prints) will be embraced to the fullest next season. I can see it now: bare bellies will be half pale and half tan, arms will be striped with pasty and bronze hues and translucent fabrics will leave coveted shading on exposed skin.

Not a supporter of the forthcoming bronzing trend? Better whip out the SPF 100 before rocking one of these looks at Good Harbor…

Posted by Mary

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