21st Century Mary Poppins


Image source MSN

Whether or not the Royal Family decides to break tradition and not hire a nanny, it seems pretty safe to say that Prince Georgie may be best off in the hands of a Norland College graduate.

This three-year course has an intense training curriculum that includes first aid, sewing, cooking, hand-to-hand combat to defend off attackers and kidnappers, and stunt driving skills to deal with dangerous weather conditions and dodging the press. While future nannies learn the traditional child care skills that have been taught at the school since it was founded in 1892 – old fashioned brown uniforms with felt hats and white gloves included – they are seen as the most prepared nanny for the modern day family.

Because your everyday family always needs a nanny who knows what to do when the paparazzi attacks, right?

Posted by Kayla

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