Image source The Huffington Post

An inspirational 13-year old makeup guru who charmed thousands with her make-up tutorials on YouTube, Talia Castellano passed away last Tuesday after a six-year battle against cancer.

Just seven when she was first diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, she was cancer-free for one year after undergoing five rounds of chemotherapy, surgery, more chemotherapy, radiation, and other anti-body treatments. Unfortunately, this was short-lived. After relapsing multiple times, in August of 2012, she was diagnosed with a secondary cancer: MDS pre-leukemia.

With the motto “make-up is my wig” (she refused to wear a wig and wore makeup instead so people would see her and not her bald head) and to “just keep swimming,” she was known for her online tutorials. She was an inspiration; a girl who knew her cancer was terminal but displayed fierceness and passion to continue life without letting this stop her reach her goals. With the dream to one day meet Ellen Degenres (or do her makeup!), the aspiring makeup artist was a guest on “The Ellen Show” last year and, soon after, she was named an honorary CoverGirl. Loving her spirit, CoverGirl officially hired Talia in January to make video tutorials featuring their products on her blog, leaving her ecstatic and ready for this new adventure for her subscribers.

“Having cancer has been an amazing yet horrible journey,” she said. “Yet every journey has an end.”  Talia, RIP.

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