Your Semi-Official Royal Baby Watch

Alright, I’ll be the one to stick my neck out here and completely embarrass myself by admitting that I’ve already checked for a phone app to alert me immediately when the Royal Baby arrives. (Sadly, there isn’t one.)

I can’t help myself. I’m a complete Anglophile, hopeless royal romantic, and baby fanatic — a combination that will torment my husband for the days leading up to and immediately following this royal birth.

emily1Image source

With the little heir’s arrival expected any day, I’ve gathered the deets on what to expect once “His or Her Royal Highness the Prince or Princess of Cambridge” decides to join us in the world.

Where will the baby be born?
Catherine is expected to give birth in the private Lindo Wing at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, central London – the same place where both Prince William and Prince Harry were born. Media are already camped out with cameras, waiting for the first sign of activity.

Image source STV

Will Prince William be there for the birth?
Prince William is based at RAF Valley on Anglesey in North Wales but when Catherine goes into labor, it is expected that he will be flown by helicopter to Kensington Palace in order to be at his wife’s side as soon as possible.

emily3Just your average dad. Image Source Daily Beast

Who will be the first to know about the birth?
Once the royal baby is born, Queen Elizabeth II, British Prime Minister David Cameron, and the Governors General of each of the Commonwealth nations will be informed, along with the rest of the royal and Middleton families. You know, that completely normal routine where your siblings and the political head of your country find out at the same moment that you’ve given birth.

Most importantly – when will we find out!?
After the baby is born, an official notice confirming the newborn’s gender, weight and the time of its birth will be signed by Catherine’s doctors.

A palace official will bring this document out of the hospital and hand it to a messenger, who will take it to Buckingham Palace, under police guard. At the palace the notice will be put into a gilt frame, which will be positioned on an easel – the same one that was used to announce the birth of Prince William – and placed in the palace forecourt.

This is the first time the world will know the gender of the baby. However, it could take anywhere up to 10 days before the new arrival’s name is announced.

emily4Image source 98FM

Whether the Duchess of Cambridge is too posh to push will remain to be seen, but if her poise so far during this pregnancy is any indication, she’ll make it look effortless and adorable no matter how hard she’s working.

emily5What most people look like pregnant.
Image source NY Daily News

emily6What Kate Middleton looks like pregnant.
Image source Life&Style

Go get ‘em, girl.

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