Many States of Me: A Compilation of Starbucks’ Best Mess Ups

I realize I have a version of a man’s name, Codi. To this day, I still cannot forgive my parents for their little blunder that has scarred me throughout life. In fourth grade, for example, our teacher decorated our desks for the first day of school. My desk was filled with toy trucks, actions figures and Pokémon cards. My blue baseball name tag read “Cody” and my teacher told me “Oh, I thought you were going to be a boy with the name Cody. I’m glad you are a girl because there are too many boys in this class.” Glad I could even that out for ya.

Often times I have encountered this line as well “Oh, your name is Cody? My dog’s name is Cody!” My reaction:

Image source

Even Autocorrect autocorrects my name to Cody. I consequently added my name to my phone’s dictionary. I ask that the rest of you do the same! Dissed by an iPhone, ouch. However, out of all of these mishaps, Starbucks baristas in France are hands-down the best butchers of my name. Whether les Frenchies are playing with me or not, here is a compilation of (some) of the worst spellings.

Cloti- Appealing..


Clode– Please don’t call me this.


Cudy- like Kid Cudi


Cod(d)ie- Couldn’t decide if they wanted that extra ‘d’ or a debatable ‘t’


Cotim– Your guess is as good as mine


Cédi– At least it has a nice accent to it


Alas, there is a happy ending. I befriended a barista.



Image source

I still love you France (my parents…yea, still not so much!). Thank you for making it publicly acceptable to walk and devour an entire baguette, produce smelly yet delicious cheese, Bordeaux red wine and most of all, your well-dressed irresistible French men. Happy Bastille Day!

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