Movie Theater Trivia is Back!

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There’s a certain nostalgia looking back on movie theater trivia – the silent, pre-show softball questions that entertained audiences before rolling the previews. Today we’re subject to elaborately produced “first look” segments at basic cable TV shows and car commercials. But there was something so adorable about hearing your fellow theater goers proudly loud-whisper their answers (“Keanu Reeves!” “Twister!”) or offer an appreciative “Ohhhh” when the answer eluding them was revealed.

My favorite novelty Twitter feed of late harkens back to that time not so long ago.

Screen Scramblers (@ScreenScrambler) tweets old school movie star word jumbles for your enjoyment. Albeit, this is totally satire. Making fun of the overt enthusiasm, cheesy wording and all too easy-to-solve riddles of movie theater days past, Screen Scramblers will always lob a laugh into your Twitter feed.

See if you can solve these Screen Scrambler teasers!

‘Sup, “Holmes”? This “chap lin”ds “less than zero” false notes to each role — and that’s no “shaggy dog” story! ROBRET DONWEY, RJ.

“Bling” in da noise, “Ring” in da funk! This star is hardly “Despereaux” for roles — “azkaban”ybody and they’ll say the same! EMAM WASTON

Might as well “Gump”! This superstar’s films are as compelling as any Russian novel by Leo “Toy Story”! TMO HNAKS

Gettin’ a little tired of your broken “prometheus”! We’re not a”shame”d to say this star leaves us gasping for “eyre”! MICHEAL FASSBNEDER

This icon’s anything but “basic”–even when a film she’s “in stinct”s, she’s still “casin o”ur eye! She makes us “antz”y! SAHRON STNOE

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