The Day the Twinkies Died… And CAME BACK!

Twinkies are the best thing ever. I said it. They may hold no nutritional value, but they hold spiritual value and that’s what matters. Ever have the worst day ever? Of course you have. And do you know what would have turned that around? That’s right: a Twinkie.

ben1Image source

Well, as you may remember, late last year, a terrible, horrible thing happened: Hostess announced Twinkies would be no more. I know, I cried too. I was devastated. How could this happen? It was worse than losing Four Loko.

ben2Image source

And, you may remember, the world pretty much lost its mind. Twinkies were being sold for $200 on eBay. And things like this happened:

ben3Image source New York Daily News

Well, TWINKIES ARE BACK! On July 15, Twinkies will make their triumphant return to grocery shelves. To celebrate, here are my favorite Twinkie moments.


The Iron Giant:

Die Hard:


And this Twinkie from Wall-e:

ben4Image source

I’m just so happy!

Image source Yahoo! TV

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