TLC, Please Stick to the Rivers and the Lakes We’re Used To

Apparently, TLC’s hit song “Waterfalls” is nearing its 20th anniversary. Just let that sink in for a minute.

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To celebrate the anniversary, the remaining members of TLC, T-Boz and Chili, are remaking the song. The initial announcement of this was exciting, I loved the girl group back in the day and still enjoy belting out one of their throwbacks in the car. But without the L in TLC, the group has decided the remake would exclude Left Eye’s iconic rap, and include a brand new verse from Japanese pop star Namie Amuro.

There are so many things wrong with doing a remake without Left Eye. For starters, everyone knows she was the coolest member of the group, and the group (and die-hard fans like myself) have yet to recover since her passing in 2002. Second of all, the group can’t go by TLC, if they have completely replaced the L. In my opinion, the remake should have included a re-mastered version of the Left Eye’s verse. T-Boz and Chili – you can’t just switch it up on us like that! If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right?!

The remaining 2 members of the group also announced that they are recording their first new material since 2002, and are even appearing live at a festival in Pennsylvania at the end of the July. Let’s just hope Left Eye makes a holographic appearance at this show, otherwise I will be very upset.

If you can’t wait for the release, listen to these TLC throwbacks in the meantime. And enjoy Left Eye’s sassy raps while you still can!

Posted by Nina

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