For the Love of the ‘Gram

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Instagram’s addition of video brought with it many burning questions: What prompted the expansion of services? What will happen to Vine? Who on earth is possibly going to use this? As it turns out, users are embracing this new format with open arms, wildly X-pro II and Walden-ing their 15 second clips to mixed results.

Virtual Fashion Shows (The Good)

For those who were tiring of looking at the filtered stills posted by their favorite fashion houses. While everywhere from Target to Marc Jacobs had already embraced Instagram in its most basic form, video allows for clothing to be shown off in new and exciting ways that also showcase a brand’s personality.

“Is that a photo?” (The Bad)

For those who don’t really get it. Haven’t you ever looked at a photo of your college roommate’s Eggs Benedict in Valencia and wanted more sensory info? Don’t you get mad at that picturesque sunset for not moving? You’re in luck, because now you can watch videos of various things that could easily be captured in a photograph. Yes, people do this.

Justin Bieber Nonsense (The Ugly)

For those who… I don’t know. I truly don’t know what to say about this. Or this. …Or THIS (AAHH!!!). Can’t get enough of the Biebs? Looks like you’re about to.

So, go forth and Insta-vid (with restraint)! Until your app crashes, that is.

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