Get the Look: Gadgets and Gizmos A-Plenty from the 2013 Coney Island Mermaid Parade

A mermaid at heart (submerged skills and all!), I have a strong appreciation for mermaid-chic garb of all kinds – shelled jewelry and hair accessories, sequined skirts, waterproof makeup and the like. So the annual Coney Island Mermaid Parade is just the kind of al fresco spectacle I could get into.

Thanks to a slideshow from The Cut, I’m able to view this year’s highlights without a trip to Coney Island (next year, I swear!). The 2013 event was a display of the best in mer-person fashion, from green sea goddesses to scantily-clad sea nymphs and everything in-between.

While I won’t be whipping out an Ursula costume any time soon, some of these merfits (read: mermaid outfits) are nearly wearable! Peep the royal wedding-appropriate lobster fascinator on this gal (squee!) or the wavy feathers woven into this ‘maid’s ‘do.

Disregarding the more radical get-ups (but more power to their wearers, of course!), here are the best ways to spice up your wardrobe with some subtle elements from the iconic parade:

Green Pencil Skirt

Image source ASOS

I’m buying this guy after work. This slimming little ASOS number will do the trick for an understated tail look.

Coral Jewels

Image source
Max & Chloe

Dying over Trina Turk’s Ocean Coral Gem Necklace.

Gold Shell Ring

Image source Etsy

Made from casted parts of exotic seashell, this rustic ring would fit nicely in Ariel’s treasure collection.

Gold Shell Head Chain

Image source

Add this little beauty to an otherwise plain Jane outfit (I’m thinkin’ a solid maxi dress or jeans and a tee) for some added nautical flare.

Waterproof Primping

mary5Image source The Cut

My wannabe friends, the Aqualillies, now have their own cosmetics line for Tarte. How cute is the packaging alone for this swim-proof eyeliner?

One word of advice when letting your sea-freak flag fly: these accessories are not meant for pairing…less is more.

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One response to “Get the Look: Gadgets and Gizmos A-Plenty from the 2013 Coney Island Mermaid Parade

  1. This is fabulous! I love the Gold Shell Head Chain, where can i buy this one? I’m planning to give this to my daughter as a b-day gift. 🙂

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