This Blog Post is Old News, But You’ve Probably Never Heard of It

Being a hipster has to be difficult. By your very nature, you are counterculture, but that makes you part of a culture. It’s a challenging line to walk, trying hard to look like you aren’t trying. Ugh, must be the worst. Well, this blog post is for all the hipsters rolling their eyes right now, thinking “I saw these statues last week. It’s totally old news.” Well, for the rest of you who were all-consumed with news of North West, read on…

Classical statues look kinda boring in their lily white stances. Who knew that in their original state they were actually colorful – pretty awfully and grotesquely at that. Back in the day of the Roman Empire, these statues had more in common with a raver than our image of a laced-up, noble Roman. Even the famous statue of Caesar Augustus, a veritable badass, looked like an Elton John clone:

Image source

The thing that really gets me about these statues is their poses. They all look so odd given their nakedness. But, when you put clothes on them (ahem, hipster clothes) like this graphic designer did, they actually look fresh out of a GQ spread…or at least an American Apparel catalog:

 ben2Image source

ben3Image source

ben4Image source

ben5Image source

That last one kinda looks like Hannah from “GIRLS,” amirite?

GIRLS (2012) Screen Grab Lena Dunham Season 1 episode 3Image source

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