And You Thought You Were Having a Bad Hair Day…

Most pets hate it when you dress them up. Holidays can be a torturous time for pets, especially Halloween. There are thousands of pictures on the web of angry animals dressed up in costume that prove my point.

quinn1Image source Parent Society

I think my dog, Maisy Dae, is one of the few dogs on the planet that LOVES dressing up. It is probably because the little Carolina native is a big wimp and can’t stand the cold. Look at that little chunker strategically placing herself in the sunlight – no shame.


Dressing pets up is hilarious; even if they hate it, it’s okay because it’s only temporary. But cutting/dying their hair? Well, that’s a whole ‘nother ball game.

I recently stumbled across an article on ABC News about creative grooming competitions across the country. The results are horrifying – this takes dog shaming to a whole new level. These animals must either be the most patient creatures on the planet or have some wonderful doggie pharmaceuticals on board to put up with what these groomers have done to them.

quinn3Image source ABC News

A dog shaved/dyed into MULTIPLE Sesame Street characters? I can’t even wrap my head around how long that must have taken. Poor pup. Please note: Oscar the Grouch judging Big Bird and Elmo from his trashcan. HA! Priceless.

image4Image source ABC News

Look how sad fake Pluto looks. I hope he got a few extra Milk-Bones for having to endure that humiliation.

quinn4Image source ABC News

This dog will probably never want to chase a bird ever again. Ever.

quinn5Image source ABC News

I don’t even know what to say about this one. Is that supposed to be a lobster on its back leg? Why is his head a tennis ball? This canine looks less impressed than Mckayla Maroney.

quinn6Image source ABC News

This is my personal favorite. If you’re going to be shaved and transformed into another animal, at least make it a bad-ass one. This pooch is looking fierce as a tiger. I’m digging the elephant side too – look at that eye!

Plenty more of these “well-groomed” pooches can be found on ABC News. I just hope an extreme dog grooming contest comes to Boston sometime soon. I know exactly who I’m submitting! Watch out, Lulu!


Posted by Quinn

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