Feast Your Eyes on the Founding Fathers

Who doesn’t love a sexy pin-up or photo shoot of their favorite celeb, musician, athlete, or… political figure?

I’ll admit, I’m not crazy about politics, but when I came across these sexy pin-ups of our founding fathers, I seriously thought about getting more involved in the next campaign.





Here are my initial thoughts:

  • Who taught Adams to twerk his hips? That’s one saucy pose.
  • Washington’s donk is causing quite a stir. Someone’s got some serious junk in the trunk!
  • Madison’s puppy dog eyes made my heart skip a beat.
  • What kind of literature is Jefferson reading with that grin?
  • Has Hamilton being practicing yoga? That flexibility is a bit intimidating…
  • Was Flashdance around during Franklin’s era?
  • Those pilgrim shoes and tights are really turning me on.

If only these dreamboats were still around! I’d endorse any candidate who publicly flaunted their modeling skills. Candidates for the Mayor of Boston, take note!

Posted by Carolyn

Image source publius-esquire.tumblr.com

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