My Girl Matilda Breaks Down Amanda Bynes’ Issues for Us

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There’s been a tidbit of not-so-positive chatter about Amanda Bynes lately. Okay, that was the understatement of the century. Nobody can talk about anything but that looney-bin destined, wig-wearing former child star who’s officially gone off the deep end (read: threw a bong from her 36th floor apartment window…). It’s the same thing that happened to Lindsay Lohan, Taylor Momsen and Britney Spears, and it’s bound to doom the Biebers and Gomezes of the world before we know it: The Child Star Curse.

But why is it that The Child Star Curse creeps up on every gloriously-famous tween, turning their fame to infamy before they can even buy cigarettes?

My personal favorite child star, Mara Wilson of Matilda, Mrs. Doubtfire and Miracle on 34th Street fame, has always been more mature than her fellow former adolescent actors. A sensible NYU grad-turned-writer, my girl Matilda Mara has the cause of The Child Star Curse figured out like a science and she’s spreading the word thanks to a brilliant first-hand account on

Here’s the gist of her reasoning: Some parents suck (duh). Fame comes quick but goes away even quicker. Sex sells (even in the most perverted and disgusting ways…). Drunken teenage rebellion seems much worse when you’re Paris Hilton. And last but not least, talent fades. So then what? Then, explains Mara, you’re stuck with The Child Star Curse.

Okay okay, it does make sense when you say it that way, M-dog.

I always knew Matilda was my favorite G-rated flick for a reason (aside from wanting to relive this scene at least once a day, obviously). Thank you, Mara, for proving that not all child stars are doomed to the bat house forever.

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