Wedding Gowns, Aisle 5

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Target recently announced the launch of its new affordable wedding gown line, Tevolio, for  Designed by Target fashion staple Isaac Mizrahi, the dresses are all priced under $160 and marketed to budget-conscious brides.  A slam dunk for the mega store’s already popular clothing line, right?

Here’s why I’m skeptical.

Of course Target clothing is fun, but that’s partly because it’s cheap. Their trendy looks are so affordable that they beckon shoppers to indulge in a whimsical purchase. If it doesn’t work out then, hey, it was only from Target – leave it in your closet and forget about it. But as a nation we may be embracing this casual attitude on clothes shopping far too often, according to author Elizabeth Klein in her book Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion.

Who among us has never tried on a piece of Target clothing that was just a little… off? The seemingly unspoken agreement between store and shoppers is that the low price point means the quality may not always be up to snuff. Maybe the shirt didn’t sit right on your shoulders, maybe the length seemed out of proportion. A strap breaks on a bag, the fake gold plate wears off a necklace, the shoe falls apart while you’re at a party [ME]. You enjoy the look while you can and you move on.

Now certainly, there are those awesome Target finds that fit and look great. But is that a gamble a bride wants to take when buying her wedding dress, the oh-most-sacred of dresses on what many consider the most important day of their life? The gowns are only available on, making it impossible for shoppers to know if their selection is flattering, comfortable and fitting – all crucial in a wedding dress buy. And with only four styles, does anyone want to be spotted as a “Target Bride?”

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As a former budget bride myself, I wholeheartedly recommend David’s Bridal in lieu of a Target dress. Go to the store (more than 300 locations), touch the fabric and try on as many styles as your heart desires until you find “the one.”  The staff is friendly and they’ll do in-store tailoring, and even give you a discount on dress preservation.

All this said, as a current bridesmaid – a low-priced, cute dress from Target sounds fantastic!

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