Boston, Bring On The Whole Enchihuahua

maryImage source San Francisco SPCA

Typically, I like to think I’m pretty up on my doggie know-how. I’m very much aware when Bark Place hosts a Crabbiest Dog Contest (to find the next Crab for Shakespeare’s The Two Gentlemen of Verona, of course), when the now famously-brave Scottie dog, Toto, helps to restore our faith after the horrific tornado in Oklahoma (<– warning: you will cry during that video) and when questionable celebs smartly up their relatability by adopting a rescue pup.

So how the eff did I not get the memo about epic Californian poochfest, The Whole Enchihuahua?!

The grand, four-legged fiesta at San Francisco’s Dolores Park is a celebration of all things canine, complete with a training course, dog massage, licking booth and the most amazing doggie costume contest that ever was. We’re talking doggie Dorothys, patriotic pups and four-legged flappers from far and wide, all strutting their stuff to spread awareness about the adoptable pets waiting for a forever home at the San Francisco SPCA.

Hundreds of costumed doggies walking freely in a beautiful, sunny park with thousands of onlookers to pat, snuggle and feed them as they please? Sounds like hound heaven if you ask me.

Step it up, Beantown. I better see an MSPCA poochfest on the Common by 2014. And yes, I’ll gladly judge the costume contest.

Posted by Mary

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