9 Movie Posters If They Had Kept Their Working Titles

Working titles are funny things. For instance, did you know that the original working title for The Avengers was Group Hug? True, a working title isn’t necessarily actually considered for the title of the movie. Working titles are used primarily for two reasons: as a placeholder until the official title is decided or as a way of disguising what the project actually is (especially in the case of a highly anticipated film).

Sometimes, though, studios decide to actually stick with the working title as in the case of High School Musical and Snakes on a Plane (at the insistence of Samuel L. Jackson [the title was going to be changed to Pacific Air Flight 121 upon release]).

In honor of the start of summer blockbuster season, here are what some movie posters would have looked like if they had kept their working titles:

 The Dark Knight – Rory’s First Kiss

ben1Image source Blastr.com

The Dark Knight Rises – Magnus Rex

ben2Image source EmpireOnline.com

The Avengers – Group Hug

ben3Image source Blastr.com

Iron Man 2 – Rasputin

ben4Image source Blastr.com

Captain America – Frostbite

ben5Image source EmpireOnline.com

Star Wars – Blue Harvest

ben6Image source Blastr.com

Matrix Reloaded – The Burly Man

ben7Image source Blastr.com

E.T. – A Boy’s Life

ben8Image source Imgur.com

Chamber of the Secrets – Incident on 57th Street

ben9Image source DenofGeek.com

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