Baby on Board

There’s nothing the paparazzi and celeb gossip hounds like myself enjoy more than a celeb with a little gut – whether it be a baby bump or the result of a late night food binge. It reminds us that the rich and famous are just like us (sort of….). Lucky for me, A-listers have been announcing that they have a bun in the oven left and right, making for a long list of famous mommy and daddy-to-be’s in 2013.

Let’s take a look at a few of the most publicized leading ladies and how they are handling nine months of weight gain, weird food cravings and, well, not-so-normal maternity wear.

Kim K.

Whether or not we’d like to admit it, Kimye will certainly be dethroning Blue Ivy for the “Most Famous Baby” title (sorry Blue – you’re still my fave). Kim is NOT using her pregnancy as an excuse to dress down, staying true to the Kardashian way with six inch pumps and leather frocks. She’s also garnered attention from her interesting wardrobe choices, assumingly inspired by Mr. West (who, let me remind you, wears skirts). The most famous prego outfit to date? This little number, which circulated the internet in about three seconds and inspired hundreds of memes.

erinImage source

I was surprised to hear that Kim will not be modeling her baby bump nude on a magazine cover of her choice, due to the fact that it “opens her up to too much scrutiny.” Because she doesn’t get enough of that in tabloids… I’m sure we can all look forward to about 60 Instagrams of the baby at every angle, though. Phew.

Kate Middleton

Welp, this one is a no-brainer. Duchess Kate is possibly the most adorable, classiest prego woman ever. At six months pregnant, we are finally starting to see the royal bump (took long enough, Kate!).

Obviously, there is nothing negative to say about Kate’s pregnancy, so let’s just admire her beauty and move on, shall we?

erin2Image source The Huffington Post

Image source

Image source


Ever since the news came out that Fergalicious and her hubby, hottest man alive Josh Duhamel, were expecting, I’ve been wondering if the world is ready for a baby that is genetically perfect. Then I saw this…

erin5Image source The Huffington Post

…and realized: YES, yes, we are ready. Fergie has been handling pregnancy well and luckily has seemed to avoid the wrath of the internet (except for the jealous teens wondering how she got to him first). Props to Ferg. And, Josh, if this whole wife and kids thing doesn’t work out, you know where to find me.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum

Okay, when I said genetically perfect, I forgot about Channing and Jenna’s offspring. THIS baby is going to be genetically perfect (unless you take into account that sometimes two really good-looking people have less attractive children). Anyway, as much as I kind of wish I was having Channing’s child, I am happy for these two. And if all goes well and their child has the dancing skills of his or her parents, maybe they can make a “Step-Up 5: Baby Breakdancer.”

erin6Image source

Jessica Simpson

Not long after she popped out her first baby, J.Simps and baby daddy Eric Johnson announced they are expecting their second child, a boy. After all the harsh criticism she faced from gaining weight in her first pregnancy, and then slimming down in a highly-publicized Weight Watchers deal, Jess seems to be much more under-the-radar this time around. Good for her.

erin7Image source The Huffington Post

That’s it for now, folks. Until next time, let’s all hope that celebs everywhere keep getting knocked up! A Justin Bieber baby daddy scandal could be just what we need…

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