Breakfast Booze 2.0


Image source Mama Walker’s

Who doesn’t love a mimosa or a bloody mary with their brunch? Me…I live for morning beverages, so I’m delighted to report that the alcohol industry has just stepped up its game re: brunch cocktails. Or anytime cocktails for that matter.

Let me introduce you to my new BFF: Mama Walker’s new line of breakfast-flavored liqueurs. In case you want to get strange real early on your Saturday afternoon brunch outing, why not have some blueberry pancakes, glazed donuts or maple bacon… in your cocktail!

I know people hate on strange alcohol flavors ie: cake batter, peanut butter and jelly, dill pickle, etc., but breakfast is my favorite meal and bacon, donuts, and pancakes are all at the top of my food porn list.

Think of all the possibilities! You can mix the glazed donut into your morning cup of coffee and there you have it – you’ve already had your breakfast. Mama Walker’s has amazing recipe combos listed on their website – spoiler alert: Jelly Donut Martini, anyone?  And isn’t bacon better with everything, even in liquid form? This girl says YES.

I can’t wait til this stuff hits stores – I’m already developing recipe ideas in my head! Four Loko may soon be but a distant memory of my past beverage love life. My stomach is already rumbling…

Posted by Carolyn

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