Your Brain on Toast

maryImage source

Tired of starting your day with lackluster toast? German designer/engineer Scott van Haastrecht understands the feeling. To pump up the brain stimulation in your early a.m. carbo-loading routine, the uber-intelligent inventor has cooked up a smarty-pants toaster that kicks off your morning with a Google image relevant to the day’s news.

That’s right, the Image Toaster helps you to greet the sun while crunching on a portrait of Pope Francis’ holy face or the media-hyped kiddos from American Idol.

The appliance works with your wi-fi to search images related to the day’s date and toast a newsworthy 6×6 pic on your daily dose of carbs. Technology inside the toaster then commands certain burners to cook and others to hold back until the image is fully crisped onto your informative slice of bread.

I dig. Now if only Scott could whip up a toaster to print my daily to-dos… That’s the kind of morning prep I could really bite into!

Posted by Mary

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