Jimmy Kimmel’s Coachella Prank

Jimmy Kimmel is at it again. The prankster known for tricking kids into thinking their parents ate their Halloween candy has successfully fooled Coachella attendees into loving fake bands.

If you haven’t seen this video, you’re in for a good laugh. Jimmy sends his “news” crew to Coachella 2013 for a special edition of Lie Witness News, where they interview festival-goers and ask if they’re excited to see new bands at this year’s festival. The catch? The bands they are asking about are completely made up! The reaction is hilarious, people actually pretend they’ve heard of these bands, despite the crazy names such as Regis and the Philbins, Get the F*** Out of My Pool and The Chelsea Clintons.

I’m not sure how I would react if someone asked me how I felt about a band that is a “combination between Bob Dylan and a polka band,” but I certainly hope I would not agree that they have amazing energy or perform great live. Watch the video to fully understand and appreciate the pure stupidity some people display while trying to be cool on TV.

Posted by Nina

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