Who Runs the World? You!

According to this Boston magazine article, everyone wants to run in the Boston Marathon next year – and I don’t blame them. I have to admit, I was inspired too. If you live in Boston (or have been watching the news) it’s hard to avoid the urge of wanting to be a part of the group that crosses that Boylston Street finish line in 2014.

But whether you’re currently an avid runner or a newbie to the trails on the Charles, 26.2 miles can seem daunting. Luckily, there are plenty of races planned for the rest of the year in the greater Boston area. The Boston’s Run To Remember race is already sold out. But if you decide to bandit run it to show your support, I promise not to tell.

Here are some other upcoming races that will help kick start your Marathon training:

Run 4 Your Life in May

So you want to run a marathon? Let’s get started! The Run for Your Life 2 or 4 mile dash will give you the perfect taste of what race day will be like. Plus, the short and sweet distance will motivate you to see how far you can push your body!

Color Me Rad 5K in July

Image source ColorMeRad.com

By now, you must have seen Facebook uploads of runners covered in multi-colored paint. And now is your chance to be one of those people. The Brockton Fairgrounds will be hosting this race in July. How does it work? Color starts flying at 8:00 a.m. and runners continue to get plastered with paint every five minutes after. Being able to look like a walking kindergarten art class while training for your race sounds like a win-win to me.

Boston 13.1 Marathon in September

Channel your spirit for the city while you run your first half marathon! This flat and fast route with coastal views will not only be picturesque but your registration fee will go towards a great cause, Autism Speaks. Show everyone just how Boston Strong you really are.

At this point in the year, with the Boston winter fast approaching, it might be hard to stay motivated to train. So here’s something that we’re pretty sure will keep you going:  Just remember, come April you’ll be running for those who can’t.

laura2Image source @BostonMagazine

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  1. Thanks for additional marathon information that will bring inspiration to all.

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