A Place to Shop for Fashionable Felines

Image source Etsy

As I was researching bloggers for the beauty team, I came across Rue Le Chat and was immediately faced by a cat wearing a James Bond inspired untied bow tie. Confused yet intrigued, I scrolled down to read the rest of the post to learn about CATetelier, a fashion boutique selling handmade clothes for pet cats. Turns out, there’s a whole world of kitty apparel I had never even imagined.

On the Etsy site, cat lovers can purchase a variety of chic cat accessories, including colorfully patterned bow ties, knotted neck ties, berets and newsboy caps. Are these kitties trying to compete with Menswear Dog? I think so. In my opinion Menswear Dog is winning (cats make my eyes itch, so I’m a little biased), but I’m sure fashionable felines everywhere are excited about this line of trendy pieces…or their owners are, at least.

If you’re dying to dress your cat up as a cast member of Newsies or James Bond for a night out of the litter box, CATetelier is the place to shop. Maybe even Grumpy Cat would sneak a grin if he was decked out in one of these looks!?

Posted by Allie

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