I Don’t Know About You, But I’m Feeling 22

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As someone who will turn 23 (gasp!) in less than a month, I’m not ashamed to admit I’m fully embracing the cheesiness that is Taylor Swift’s sparkly pop hit 22. It’s almost impossible not to chant along and imagine living Tay Tay’s bubble-gum-chewing, day-dreaming lifestyle in the Hollywood Hills.

But when it comes to the reality that is fresh-outta-college life, T$ could use a big reality check. Example A: During her recent interview with Vanity Fair, Taylor passed time in her Alice in Wonderland-inspired Nashville penthouse, drinking lavender lemonade and singing an angelic tune on her baby grand piano.

I’m sorry. Is this real life? Were you feeling 22 at that moment, Tay? Let me tell you what it’s really like to be a 22-year old.

·         When I stuff my face with as many $2.00 tacos as possible to get the most bang for my buck on Taco Tuesday and then pack a single, picked over taco for lunch the next day, I’m feeling 22.

·         When I hang up on the undergrad students who call my cell phone to ask for donations to RWU’s alumni fund, I’m feeling 22.

·         When I run into familiar faces from my high school past on the T and subtly let people pass me to avoid eye contact, I’m feeling 22.

·         When filling out W2s requires multiple phone calls to my parents, I’m feeling 22.

·         When I take four-hour naps on Saturday afternoons and have to pry myself out of bed to go to the bar, I’m feeling especially 22.

·         When the windows on my 1994 Honda Accord get stuck down on the Mass. Pike and my hair is whipping in my face, I’m feeling 22.

You are right that it’s magical and miserable at the same time, Taylor. Let’s regroup and compare notes again after 23, shall we?

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