Waiting to Inhale, Part Deux


Image source Vaportini.com

Remember a while back when I told you about the latest way to quaff your tipples (sidenote: not a sex act)? I thought you might! Well, I recently had a chance to experience an inventive approach to imbibing, and no it didn’t involve a tequila-soaked tampon. Let me explain…

A few friends and I were wrapping up a dinner of blue cheese and Sauternes (no really, it was a cheese master class with wine pairings), when one whipped out his newly purchased Vaportini.

“Guys! Check out what I just bought!” he squealed with glee. Amid the oohs, aahs, and WTFs that followed, I took the opportunity to enlighten the group about the gadget, pulling extensively from second-hand knowledge and research. And that’s when it hit me….

“Holy shit!” I thought. “This is it – my entry point to Gonzo journalism!”

I immediately asked Mr. Vaportini if we could break in his toy, eyeing the unopened bottle of Allen’s Coffee Brandy on the table (the Champagne of Maine, of course; only the finest). Within minutes, we were taking turns inhaling coffee-flavored booze vapors by the straw-full, the heady mixture of smoky brandy and a hefty glass of pinot noir turning all reason (and coordination) to swirling mush in a near instant.

So all this begs the question, would I do it again? Yes. I mean, I’m basically Hunter S. Thompson now. But with more expensive aviators.

Posted by Abby

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