ninaI’m still waiting for someone to tell me that this is an extremely late April Fool’s joke. I’m sorry, WHAT?! I thought it was strange enough to see Lil Jon on a list of DJs coming to Boston, but in addition to his touring (who knew he even toured?), he is bringing Zumba classes on a six-stop tour that kicked off in Boston on April 9th.

I’m actually slightly bummed out that I found out about this class after the fact. Not that I’m dying to spend $35 on a workout class, but this sounds like something you cannot fully understand until you attend. Apparently, over 300 people (mostly females, shocker) gathered at Revere’s Wonderland Ballroom to get a workout in with The King of Crunk.

Apparently Lil Jon’s inspiration for the class series was tweets from fans, which say things like “Yo, your song helped me get through my workout today” (so inspiring). Since then, Lil Jon has been working to create pump up songs for workouts, including his newest single “Work,” which was written and produced with Zumba aficionados in mind.

I still have no understanding of how someone whose Twitter bio is: “CRUNK ASS, WILD ASS, DRINKIN ASS, CRAZY ASS, FUNNY ASS, FOOLISH ASS, PUNK ROCK ASS, DREAD HEADED ASS, DOWN SOUTH ASS, WORLD WIDE ASS, DJIN ASS MOTHERFUCKER” is a good fit for Zumba, but apparently the classes are getting some attention by workout buffs and Lil Jon fans.

Though I am hardcore judging Lil Jon’s career move choices, you can’t argue that this doesn’t look kind of fun.

Posted by Nina

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