Ryan Gosling: Never Failing to Attract Women and…James Franco

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Recently I saw The Place Beyond the Pines, an indie-ish film directed by Derek Cianfrances that you’ve probably never heard of (at least, I had never heard of until my boyfriend urged me to go with him). I’ll admit I wasn’t super excited to see the movie, but when I found out I got to watch Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper for two hours and twenty minutes, I didn’t complain.

I especially gawked at Ryan Gosling, despite his atypical character. This isn’t one of Gosling’s usual romantic, Noah Calhoun/The Notebook movies. His character, Luke, is covered in meaningless tattoos, including what looks like a fake tear drop next to his eye (#weird). He dons bleached blonde hair and wears a red leather jacket, tattered t-shirts and awkward harem-style pants with skulls on them. Not to mention, I don’t think there was a scene in his whole section of the movie where he wasn’t smoking a cigarette, except when he was driving his motorcycle and robbing banks. However, despite his horrible wardrobe and poor health habits, I still found him attractive. Typical Gos doing what he does best.

James Franco agrees! Maybe even a little more than me… In his recent review on the Huffington Post, Franco swoons over Gosling’s performance saying, “I loved the whole film and was engaged every moment of the way. But what I want to talk about is the first section, the Gosling section; I want to make love to this section.” Okay, Mr. Franco, no need to be modest. Franco continues to profess his love for Gosling throughout the review, barely mentioning Bradley Cooper’s stellar performance (and face). Buzzfeed captures Franco’s emotions best with a series of Ryan Gosling memes.

Although Franco and I may be gushing over Ryan Gosling, I will admit that the entire movie is fantastic. I laughed, cried, and despite the complex story’s positive ending, wanted to cry again. The lives of the characters were so realistic and full of emotion; I almost didn’t want it to end, even though my butt was asleep from sitting so long. I highly suggest seeing this movie.

P.S. Despite Franco’s apparent bias, all of the actors were amazing, not just the Gos.

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