2.5 Cinnabons = 60 Carrots

image002Image source BuzzFeed

Anything and everything about food peaks my interest: restaurants, grocery shopping, new recipes, food facts; even just counting down the minutes to my next meal. I admit, I’ve definitely strolled the aisles of Whole Foods simply for fun on a Friday night and ogled the sea of 20 varieties of yogurt and the hot bar’s endless offerings. Food is awesome and interesting in so many ways, from watching how yeast makes dough turn into something out of a sci-fi movie, to enjoying the randomness of chicken and waffles. But in a world where we can supersize everything AND eat Doritos tacos, you just don’t even want to know what this all means nutritionally-speaking. I thought this video from BuzzFeed was weirdly fascinating; it showed what 2,000 calories looks like when made up of certain foods like doughnuts, Big Macs, almonds and carrots. The video had the same mesmerizing effect as the popular book “Eat This, Not That” but I won’t lie, it definitely didn’t deter me from wanting to eat things like McDonald’s or bacon… but I’ll just remember not to eat 50 pieces of bacon in one sitting, if I can!

Take a look and see if you are shocked or not about what unfolds. My biggest takeaway? The guy who got to take bites out of each item in the video has an awesome job.

Posted by Amanda

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