The New Skinny?


Image source Bossip

Last week the TODAY show featured American Eagle’s newest design, the “Skinny Skinny Jeans.” Now, I consider myself pretty accustomed to skinny jeans….let’s just say I’ve seen it all. But as I watched the unveil, I was shocked. Two poor, nervous models stood on national television with their blue jeans literally painted on. I’m not kidding. Painted. Spray painted, to be exact. That’s right…these new jeans come in a can.

So many questions came to mind after first learning of this. What do you do when you sit in public? How did they morally do this to a boy on national television? Didn’t Lululemon just recall their see through, sheer yoga pants? Fortunately, my questions were answered after the YouTube video of AE’s ad hit 350,000 views and they apparently decided that was the time to announce that their spray jeans were simply a hoax (thank God!). Unfortunately, VP of Brand Marketing Bob Holobinko described the campaign as a “journey” — meaning there is more to come.

So what do you think? Is this a brilliant marketing campaign or just an early April fool’s prank gone bad? Either way, let’s just hope it doesn’t give people any ideas!

Posted by Jen 

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