Shut the Scuff Up!

allieI’ve been rockin’ pink Converse hi-tops since I was a toddler. Now I’ve moved on to more neutral colors, but I still own a pair of the classic sneakers. Generations before me also sported these shoes, and they’re still just as popular today as they were in the early 1900s.

Converse were never meant to be clean, though. People, including myself, would go out of their way to dirty up their Chuck Taylors to make them look as worn as possible. There’s nothing better than a worn pair of sneakers you’ve had forever, which is why I’m not very fond of Converse’s new line of pre-distressed sneaks.

The Well Worn collection is Converse’s newest line of hi-top and low-top Chuck Taylors. With an array of washes and colors, including a pair that looks like they’ve been painted pink and wiped with a paper towel, this collection is perfect for anyone who loves the look of dirtied, worn and torn chucks…and who’s willing to pay at least $65.

News flash: this is not worth it! Why would you spend up to $100 on pre-dirtied sneakers when you can easily step outside and walk around in an original pair for a day to get the same effect? The whole point of Converse shoes is to dirty them yourself and make memories while you’re at it. Dare to ask me whether I’m dropping my money on pre-distressed sneakers? I’d say shut the scuff up!

Posted by Allie

Image source Converse

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