The Future of Vending Machines

A little while ago a new crop of vending machines started popping up everywhere. Suddenly, everything was available at your fingertips, without any human interaction. If you forgot to pack headphones in your carry on, don’t worry – the Best Buy vending machine at the airport has some for you! Need some Miansai jewelry at 3:00AM on vacation in Miami? This 24-hour hotel vending machine has you covered. Though these non-food vending machines are becoming more and more prominent, a post on Eater National got me thinking about where the future of vending machines could be going.

ninaImage source Eater

Introducing a 24-hour juice machine in Los Angeles. Yes, all things trendy happen on the West Coast first, so I shouldn’t be surprised by this concept. Kreation Juicery, who has six regular stores, a juice truck, two juice cars and a juice bike, is the creator of this new “juice ATM” in Beverly Hills. The major benefit of this, as opposed to Kreation’s other locations, is that nobody has to work at this location and it can be open 24/7. I’m not sure who needs wheat grass shots around the clock, but hey, what do I know about wheat grass?

The news of a juice ATM caused me to consider what I would want to see in vending machine form someday. Seems like the possibilities are endless; there’s already a caviar ATM, how much more luxurious could we get?! That said, here’s a quick list of what I would like to see coming out of ATMs sometime in the future:

  • A pedicure
    Yes I want to stick my foot in a machine for about a minute and have my toes get magically painted and my feet moisturized.
  • An iron/steamer
    I would like to be able to walk into a steaming ATM and have all my clothes magically be wrinkle-free.
  • Starbucks
    I know there are instant coffee and espresso machines, but what everyone really wants is a Starbucks non-fat iced-chai made to order from a machine
  • J Crew clothing
    Because how many times do I spill on myself at work and desperately need a shirt to change into…

What do you want to see, ATM-style? For even more inspiration, just take a look at these!

Posted by Nina

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