Why Kate Spade “SATURDAY” Is Nothing To Get Excited About

I love Kate Spade (just take look at my jewelry collection). So naturally when the company announced in October that it would be launching a more affordable line called Kate Spade SATURDAY in Spring 2013 I was ecstatic.  All of the things I love about Kate Spade designs at a lower price point? Yes, please! The possibilities were endless and I was excited to see what the brand that brought me my favorite wallets had in store.

On October 23, 2012 when @KS_Saturday tweeted “Make plans for Saturday” I was giddy. For months I waited with baited breath for more information about the line. Would they continue with their statement necklaces and big stud earrings? Would their bags be just as cute and practical as their parent brand? An Instagram account was created and soon “sneak peeks” were being tweeted and ‘gramed right and left. The first pictures didn’t give much away about the line – lots of geometric shapes and bright colors. I could get on board with this, I thought.

maya1Image source ks_saturday on Instagram

But when images of the clothing and accessories started popping up I was wary. It felt too geometric. Where were the clean, crisp lines I had come to expect from Kate Spade? This was borderline too playful, too young. After seeing a few images, I knew the brand was doomed.

maya2Image source ks_saturday on Instagram

As the ultimate consumer, if I don’t want to buy your products you may as well pack up and head home. I couldn’t imagine buying a single piece of Kate Spade SATURDAY. Considering the line features clothing, housewares, jewelry, tech accessories and more, that’s saying a lot. I just don’t feel that SATURDAY does  the brand justice.  Check out the following examples and see if you agree:

Kate Spade vs. SATURDAY

Cute, girly teapot vs. Fahrenheit 451-esqe “teapot”

maya3maya4Image source 303Magazine.com & SATURDAY

Winner: Kate Spade

Kate Spade vs. SATURDAY

Bright bracelet with a fun gold detail vs. bulky, childlike block bracelet

maya5maya6Image source Kate Spade & SATURDAY

Winner: Kate Spade

Kate Spade vs. SATURDAY

Feminine leather handbag vs. awkwardly shaped satchel

maya7maya8Image source Kate Spade & SATURDAY

Winner: Kate Spade

Final Score: Kate Spade-3, SATURDAY-0

At the end of the day, lower prices don’t make up for ugly.

Posted by Maya

One response to “Why Kate Spade “SATURDAY” Is Nothing To Get Excited About

  1. I totally agree with you on the atrocious picks for Saturday. This new launch is a complete and utter failure.

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