True Life: I’m Jealous of 6 Year-Old Pinterest Models

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As I scroll through my Pinterest feed, I can’t help but drool over delicious food porn, beautiful clothes, picture perfect wedding venues and the most physically fit men and women I’ve ever seen. To top it off, even the toddlers donning the page have impeccable style. For most of the feed, I don’t know whether to be inspired or jealous, but as far as these little kiddos are concerned, it’s easy: I’m just plain jealous.

I mean they look like they just walked off the set of a Crewcuts photo shoot, but the street style-esque photography makes it seem as if this apparel is the norm for children on a daily basis. Don’t your kids wear golden button blazers and Oxford shirts to play outside?

As odd as it is that these 6 year-olds dress as well as, or even better than, adult 20-somethings, I can’t tear myself away from these adorable fashionistas. I’m not the only one either, as many of these photos get hundreds of repins. I guess I can only dream of my kids someday being this stylish and cute – outside of the playground, of course!

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One response to “True Life: I’m Jealous of 6 Year-Old Pinterest Models

  1. OMG, adorable!!!!

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