(Southern) Girl Meets Snow

mirandaMother Nature can be a fickle lady.

When I was in college Hurricane Ivan devastated my college campus, shutting it down for close to three months.  After just two months in Birmingham, Alabama (my most recent residence) an F5 tornado came ripping through the city. My very first week in Boston, we got more than two feet of snow in one day.

Is it karma coming back to bite me after years of mocking TV anchors valiantly braving the elements for the benefit – and endless amusement – of their audience?  Who knows, but my one saving grace is that as a going away gift from a friend in Birmingham, I did happen to have an ice scraper in my car…score one for foresight!

Either way, after four weeks and two snowstorms here are this southern gal’s takeaways:

  1. When there is a threat of snow and you have to drive the next day, put your windshield wipers up.
  2. I already have a love/hate relationship with snowplows (although I give mad props to the folks who drive those beasts at 4:00am).
  3. Shoveling what could possibly be the world’s longest driveway is also a great full body workout…as long as you are expecting it to be.
  4. Having an out-of-state license plate helps when driving 15 mph to get to the train station.
  5. Not every parking lot gets plowed; must buy shovel to keep in trunk, must buy shovel to keep in trunk.
  6. Buy taller snow boots – two feet is taller that mid-calf
  7. After the first “big snow” of the year, find cute, strong neighbor and offer two beers each in exchange for their innate shoveling skills.
  8. And finally, DON’T roll down your windows thinking it’s a good way to get the snow off them, as all the snow will end up in your lap (yes, I speak from experience!).

Until next year: Mother Nature- 2, Miranda- 0

Posted by Miranda

Image source NOAA Photo Library

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