Grumpy Cat is Ready for Her Close Up!

Grumpy1Image source Friskies Facebook

Cat videos, memes, gifs, and even cat-covered clothing have been blowing up recently; it seems the usually despised house pet is making a comeback. And the leader of this coup? Hands down, Grumpy Cat.

Frowning her way into the hearts of cat lovers and haters alike, Grumpy Cat has become somewhat of a celebrity. She was even spotted at SXSW, and had hundreds of people wait in line in the rain just to meet her. True cat-lovers have had Grumpy on their radar for a while now, but some are just warming up to her poutiness.

Big news for Grumpy Cat!!! She has been recruited as the star of Friskies newest TV commercial campaign “Will Kitty Play With It?”  What better feline-brand ambassador could you pick? I can’t think of any other cats with over 400,000 Twitter followers; some D list celebrities don’t even have that many followers.

Grumpy Cat (whose real name is Tardar Sauce) had a recent photo shoot for Friskies that produced some of her best shots yet. Though I tend to mute the TV or fast forward over commercials, I think the cat-lover in me will have to go out of my way to watch Grumpy’s on-air debut.

Grumpy2Image source Friskies Facebook

Side Note: If you have time, look though this Grumpy Cat tumblr, which documents her in her natural habitat with slightly less Grumpy brother Pokey.

Posted by Nina

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